SeasonSense Molded Memory Foam Pillow Review

Now here is an excellent pillow for all those fussy sleepers that tend to sweat throughout the night. SeasonSense memory foam pillows offers you a truly unique feature and that feature is alternating sides with different properties.

This pillow comes in a standard size only but the filling is plush and dense enough to fit even the most demanding buyers. The perfect density achieved by ViscoSoft ensures that your head and neck are both sufficiently supported but yet the pillow itself is pliable enough to lend itself to your natural neck curvature, proving to be a perfect fit for many buyers.

The pillow comes with a washable COOLMAX cover that is breathable and wicks away any moisture from your skin, allowing you sleep through the night without waking up covered in sweat.

Features of SeasonSense Molded Memory Foam Pillow

SeasonSense Molded Memory Foam Pillow

​The innovative design of this pillow allows you to keep cool during those hot summer nights with the help of WaveFlow Gel features that is embedded on one side of the pillow. The gel has cooling properties that make sure your head stays cool and prevents excessive perspiration during the night.

During winter nights simply flip the pillow to the other side for that insulating feel that helps keep your head warmer during colder weather. Insulating microfibers that are present on the flip side of the pillow retain heat well and the down feel of this side of the pillow is perfect for stomach sleepers.

The pillow itself is made of PliTech memory foam which means it will last for years as this foam is extremely durable and does not distort under pressure. The pillow remains firm and supportive even after many years of constant pressure.​

Advantages of SeasonSense Molded Memory Foam Pillow

  • Warranty – this pillow comes with a warranty from the manufacturer so you can rest assured that if things go south you can always ask for a replacement.
  • Cooling gel – the cooling gel feature that is on one side of the pillow will help cool you during the night. This will in turn prevent perspiration and allow you to rest instead of waking up constantly to flip your pillow to a cooler side.
  • Hypo-allergenic properties – memory foam is by itself an extremely hypo-allergenic material but that coupled with T-250 cotton cover means you can kiss your allergies goodbye for good!
  • Washable cover – the included COOLMAX cover is machine-washable and will not shrink nor tear in the wash. Whenever you feel the need just give it a quick rinse in the washer-dryer and put it back on your pillow, nice and fresh!

Bottom Line

​This versatile pillow is a great choice for every bedroom and you will simply love it! SeasonSense Molded Memory Foam Gel Pillow offers firmness and durability but other than that it offer you a piece of mind in knowing that you have finally found a perfect pillow that will fit your every need!