Memory Foam Neck Pillow

Memory Foam Neck Pillow

When someone mentions a neck pillow, most people jump the gun and assume that the item being discussed is that C-shaped, blow-up travel pillow that we are all accustomed to carrying with us when traveling. While this might be the case sometimes, most of the time when people speak about neck pillows they do so referring to pillows specially designed to relieve various ailments and pains troubling their neck and spine.

A large number of people suffer from cervical pain. That is the official term for the discomfort we feel in our neck. The neck is made from muscles, tendons, and seven tiny little bones, but, what is more important is that all that protects our central nervous system. The neck itself has very little protection. It rests on a bed of fluid that allows it a range of motion. That is why we can turn our head at all!

A wrong sleeping position, especially bad head, and neck alignment, causes compressions on the central nervous system, and we wake up achy. Not only that, we often have headaches, blurred vision, and a whole range of other symptoms. Eventually, this can develop into a serious medical condition and cause us pain that will plague us for the rest of our lives. And all of this because we chose a bad pillow when we were at the shop! Always choose the best memory foam pillow money can buy! It will keep your neck and spine healthy, and save you countless hours of sleeplessness.

Types of Memory Foam Neck Pillows​

There are a lot of different types of neck pillows on the market, so it is sometimes difficult to find the one that fits just right. Keep in mind that the most important thing is that you feel comfortable with your choice.

They differ mostly in their sizes, shapes, and use. The bigger you are, the bigger the pillow you’re going to need. Do not go overboard, however. Remember that every pillow that tilts your head to an unnatural position is not doing any favors to your spine.

  • Flat neck supporters – These pillows are great for having around the house or on your sofa. They are small and flatter than regular pillows, and you can use them to catch a nap. They are usually small in size, narrow but long, and provide support for the nape of your neck. They are excellent for people who have suffered neck injuries or are experiencing pain in the cervical spine.
  • Round neck pillows – Round memory foam pillows are tubular in shape, and a lot of people use them on their couches or sofas. They are bigger than flat neck supporters and are not the greatest solution for people with neck pain because they place the head in an awkward position. They are best used for propping yourself up while lying on the sofa, or as arm/leg-rests.
  • V-cut neck pillows – These are specialty pillows built exclusively for people who have serious issues when it comes to their spine and neck. They have a V-shaped cut out that is stylized to keep the head in a proper position during sleep.
  • Travel pillows – Travel pillows are C-shaped neck pillows used catch shut-eye during long drives or flights. They will adapt to the shape of your neck, keeping your head in the upright position, thus helping you reduce the risk of injuries and aches.

Memory Foam Neck Pillows – The What’s and The How’s

Neck pillows are mostly designed for back and side sleepers. Stomach sleepers will have difficulty using them, but keep in mind that you should avoid sleeping on your stomach anyway, especially if you’re already experiencing neck problems.

Getting a right memory foam neck pillow is tricky. If you are a side sleeper make sure to pick a pillow that is not too thick. As a general rule of thumb, keep in mind that when you place your head onto the pillow your nose should be aligned with the rest of your body. Back sleepers should try to get a pillow that keeps their head straight, without tilting it forward or back.

As for the density, try to get a pillow that is neither too firm nor too soft. The foam needs to be pliable enough to shape itself to your head easily, but once that is done it should be supportive and firm so it keeps your head in place.

Health Benefits of Memory Foam Neck Pillows​

  • They reduce neck pain – Memory foam neck pillows will live up to your expectations when it comes to pain relief and management. They are designed to reduce your neck pain considerably, by alleviating adverse effects lying down has on the pressure points in your neck, so you can say goodbye to those morning headaches and blurry vision!
  • They help align the spine – If your head is not comfortable, the rest of your body will also have a hard time resting! Neck pillows keep your head in the right position and aligned with your spine, so there is no fear of neck pains turning into back pains. Your entire spinal column will be perfectly aligned, and you will wake up rested and pain-free!
  • They’re hypoallergenic – Memory foam in and of itself is perfectly hypoallergenic, meaning that asthma sufferers can finally breathe a long sigh of relief! Bacteria and dust mites find it rather difficult to set up their home in these memory foam neck pillows, and because of that you will need to clean and wash them less frequently than you would regular pillows!
  • They reduce snoring – Snoring is often times caused by a bad sleeping position, especially the position you are keeping your head in. Neck pillows help alleviate snoring problems, and while they might not completely go away, you – better said, your partner – will notice a considerable difference!
  • They help with sleep apnea – Sleep apnea is a serious medical condition exacerbated by a bad sleeping position. Memory foam neck pillows align your spine, and in the process open up your airways. This means that they can have a beneficial effect when it comes to mild to medium cases of sleep apnea.