About Us

Welcome to The Pillow Specialist website! Regardless of whether we came recommended to you or you simply stumbled upon our site we want to assure you that our only goal is to help you reach the best possible decision when it comes to buying your perfect memory foam pillow!

​We are a team of dedicated professionals that are passionate about good night’s sleep! And we want you to enjoy it as well! We spent years in the industry, crafted sleep products from best materials and came to one eye-opening realization about sleep and sleeping habits. And that is the following; the best way to sleep well and wake up rested is to make sure you have a high quality, adjustable support pillow. Further analysis convinced us that the best support pillows are made from quality memory foam!

Our memory foam pillow reviews are unbiased, well-researched and provide you with valuable information that will help you find a perfect fit. Our reports and recommendations are based on careful product inspection and testing and research conducted in collaboration with leading sleep products experts. We make sure to include the up’s and the down’s of all our featured products and the information we provide will make it easier for you to reach a purchasing decision. Think of your pillow as an investment that will benefit you greatly in the long run!

What is so special about Memory Foam Pillows?​

We understand you didn’t come to our site out of fun or folly. It is more likely that necessity drove you to research sleep problems and pillows online. Sleeping on a bad pillow, or a pillow that just doesn’t suite your needs, is the leading cause of sleeping problems, insomnia, bad posture and back and neck pains.

Memory foam pillows will help you put those nights of bad sleep behind you. Even better, you will no longer wake up with aches and pains and you’ll be able to function normally.​

  • Memory foam pillows provide ample support to your neck in all the right places. They allow you to sleep in an anatomically correct position and help ease back pains.
  • They are made from hypo-allergenic materials which means that they will also help ease your allergy symptoms that are usually heightened by other pillows.
  • Memory foam pillows retain their shape for a long time, making them durable and comfortable for years. The ones we recommend are certainly the best value for money and come with a warranty from the manufacturer!

Our Website

Our website provides well-researched reviews based on years of experience and thorough testing. We do not put our faith in poorly written customer reviews nor do we publish companies’ marketing material. Instead, we set out to test their claims in order to provide you with facts that you can use when looking for a memory foam pillow that will best fit you!

The site itself is simple and offers excellent overview of various features of a number of differently purposed pillows. We highlight specificities of our featured pillows and offer high/low price comparisons to help facilitate your decision making process!

For your suggestions, questions or additional information about featured products please contact us via email at hello [at] pillowspecialists [dot] com.​