Best Memory Foam Pillow Reviews

Best Memory Foam Pillow Reviews

Sleeping is an important part of our daily cycle and not sleeping well can leave you exhausted and unable to perform, basically wrecking your entire next day! Many things contribute to a good night’s sleep but none more than the pillow you choose to sleep on! Best memory foam pillow offers support for your neck and head that is unmatched because of the fact that the pillow adjusts itself to your body, taking on the shape that best suits you. Memory foam is in fact made out of polyurethane which makes it more pliable and gives it those shape-shifting abilities (body heat softens the material, adapting it to the curves of your head and neck).

If you are a fussy sleeper, if you toss and turn during sleep or if you have neck and back problems memory foam pillows might just be the thing that helps you get well-deserved rest during the night. Memory foam pillows are soft and quiet (quiet being the watchword here; some of those fill-in pillows are quite noisy and that can interfere with your sleep!) and back and neck problems you have been experiencing lately will simply disappear once you find a great fit!

The Best Memory Foam Pillows​

Types of Memory Foam Pillows

There are many types of memory foam pillows to choose from and your choice depends on your preferences and needs. Regardless of whether you sleep on your side, your back or your stomach, there is a pillow out there that will help you get through the night comfortably and wake up in the morning fully rested! Since there are so many different shapes and sizes of memory foam pillows out there it can sometimes be difficult to choose the one that fits your needs perfectly.

Here you can take a look at a list of types of memory foam pillows that will make your purchase decision smooth and educated instead of guesswork.

Traditional Memory Foam Pillows

Traditional Memory Foam Pillows

Sometimes our decision to buy a memory foam pillow is altered by the unknown. Since they come in a variety of shapes and sizes if you’ve never used one before you simply don’t know what to expect! Enter traditional memory foam pillow! These are perfect for people who don’t have excessive sleep problems but just want that little extra support and comfort. These are shaped exactly like your traditional filler pillows (no indentations and no holes and protrusions that come with V-shaped or wedge-shaped pillows) and can be low to high density, depending on your preference!

Shredded Memory Foam Pillow with Bamboo Cover Review

​This memory foam pillow was designed for all of you who do not have particular neck pains and back problems but still want a really comfortable and adjustable pillow to sleep on. If you are used to sleeping on down pillows and would like to stick to the look and shape of those more traditional pillows then look no further. Shredded memory foam pillow sold by Coop Home goods offers you the feel of a traditional down pillow combined with support and malleability of a top notch memory foam pillow.

Features of the Shredded Memory Foam Pillow with Bamboo Cover

This pillow has a lot going for it in terms of usability, comfort and adjustability. It is filled with lower density foam so it easily conforms to contours of your neck, head or body. You can use it as a head pillow and it will provide excellent support no matter how you end up sleeping, on your back, sides or even stomach! Also, due to its large size this pillow can be used as a body pillow so you can use it to elevate your back or as support if you are flat on your stomach.

This shredded memory foam pillow is also very adjustable due to its filling. The filling is not a block of memory foam but rather bits and pieces of it so you can adjust it as you like (fluff up the middle for firmness and height or simply spread the foam out evenly for softness and a more down pillow look and feel).

The cover is removable and washable and made of 60% polyester and 40% bamboo. Also, the cover is made sufficiently thick and is well-stitched so it will not tear during washing and usage. Materials used are dust mite resistant so if you have allergies this pillow will help to alleviate and lessen some of the problems.​

Advantages of the Shredded Memory Foam Pillow with Bamboo Cover

  • Warranty – this pillow is washable in the machine and is guaranteed not to lose its shape of form for up to 5 years! This makes it a perfect and safe investment that will end up paying for itself.
  • Shredded Memory Foam Technology – this technology allows you to really get the best out of this pillow. You can adjust it to suit your needs at any given moment by rearranging the memory foam filling to your desired.
  • Durable Heat-Resistant Cover – Polyester and Bamboo cover blend helps the air-conduction in this pillow, allowing heat trapped inside the memory foam to dissipate. This pillow and its excellent air circulation will help you keep cool during the night.
  • Made in the USA – This pillow is made in the USA and conforms to very tight legal requirements that this country has when it comes to bedding industry. You can rest assured that all materials used are safe and up to the highest standard.

This pillow is, of course, not everyone’s cup of the. Some buyers stress the fact that by combining the down pillow with memory foam pillow is not a lucky solution since you miss out on the best of both worlds (stability and support of memory foam and versatility of a down pillow. Fussy sleepers that tend to turn and toss during the night will have issues with this pillow since they will have to constantly readjust it.

Bottom Line​

Shredded Memory Foam Pillow with Bamboo Cover by Coop Home Goods is a very reliable pillow that will appeal to customers used to traditional down pillows. With this pillow, you get the comfort of a down pillow combined with the support of a memory pillow which results in better, more restful sleep. Even though some reviewers had minor problems with the pillow the overall consensus is that this pillow offers great value at an affordable price!

Cloud Contour Memory Foam Pillow

Cloud Contour Memory Foam Pillow

Cloud contour pillows are specially designed pillows with an indentation in the middle that cradles your neck and provides wonderful support and relives pressure. This type of pillow is great for people who suffer constant neck pain or have problems with the upper spine. They are usually made of high-density foam and are firm but malleable which will allow you to rest your head comfortably and have a great, restful sleep!

Dr. Bob’s Cloud Contour Pillow Review​

If you are getting up in the morning with stiffness in your neck and completely exhausted then you are in for a treat! Dr. Bob’s Cloud Contour Pillow is specially designed to relieve neck and upper spine pain and helps you get the rest you need and deserve. This pillow is designed with your neck curve in mind and has a slight indentation that is crescent shaped against with your neck rests comfortably and with ample support.

This pillow comes in three different sizes, standard, full and king and the best part is that you choose the size depending on your T-shirt size so there is very little room for error! It is also reasonably priced and provides great value for money!This pillow is also great for side sleepers even though it was designed with back sleepers in mind. The neck contour will still ‘sit’ well and the foam will adapt to your side-sleeping position.​

The Features of the Dr. Bob’s Cloud Contour Pillow

The standard size pillow measures 24 x 4 x 13 inches and it is comfortable to a normal sized person. You can order full or king size if you prefer larger pillows. It is made from highest quality high-density foam and provides firmness and support throughout the night!

The cover is made of 100% cotton jacquard velour with a mesh backing that enables sufficient air flow to keep your pillow well ventilated, cool and dry during your sleep. Also, the cover is removable and can be machine-washed. If you need to use the pillow while the cover is in the laundry, nothing to worry about, regular pillowcases will fit as well.

The Advantages of the Dr. Bob’s Cloud Contour Pillow

  • Crescent shaped neck rest – crescent shape contour in the pillow provides extra support for your neck. If you are suffering from neck pains or stiffness this pillow will help you get rid of that. Crescent shape enables your neck to rest comfortably and is great for upper spine alignment.
  • Cover – the cover is made from 100% cotton and is removable and washable. The best part here is that the cover has a mesh backing that allows the air to circulate and prevents heat build-up that is typical of memory foam products. This will enable you to sleep through the night without waking up to a wet, warm pillow and will keep your head from sweating.
  • Certified Materials – since memory foam is not a natural material and poor quality memory foam may even prove toxic or dangerous it is important to know that the highest standards were adhered to by the manufacturer. Doctor Bob’s Cloud Contour Pillow comes with a certificate that is a guarantee that only safe materials were used in the manufacturing of this pillow.

Not everyone loves this cloud contour pillow. Some users say it is difficult to get used to it and that it takes a while to adjust. Also, some reviewers complained that the durability of the pillow is questionable. They report that, after a while, the pillow starts loosing shape and firmness.

Bottom Line​

Dr. Bob’s Cloud Contour Pillow is a perfect solution for back and side sleepers that suffer from neck pains. It is affordable, dependable and durable and will help you sleep soundly throughout the night, waking up well rested and without any pains!​

Wedge Shaped Memory Foam Pillows

Wedge Shaped Memory Foam Pillows

This pillow is very versatile and can be used in the bedroom, living room or propped up against the wall. The shape of the pillow resembles that of a skewed pyramid, with the thinner part used to support your back. This is a great pillow to use when you are reading and want to get comfortable. Also, this pillow is a blessing for people required to sleep with their head elevated due to one medical condition or another but still want to be comfortable and cozy!

Acid Reflux Memory Foam Wedge Pillow from MedSlant Review​

If you are struggling with gastroesophageal reflux disease then the chances are you already tried out wedge pillows to see if the help your condition. Acid Reflux Memory Foam Wedge Pillow from MedSlant is a perfect buy for you! 7 inches high at the highest point this pillow has a gradual slope that is not too steep and is comfortable, supportive and approved by doctors. Also, this pillow is wider than your usual run of the mill wedge pillows which allows for movement and sleeping on your side.

Features of the Acid Reflux Memory Foam Wedge Pillow from MedSlant​

When sleeping with this pillow, you will notice a decrease of your GERD symptoms and the quality of your sleep will significantly improve. The height of the top of the pillow, standing at 7 inches, will allow gravity to work wonders for your reflux and since the pillow is 30 inches wide you will be able to move around without the fear of sliding down. Also, if you are a snorer, you will notice that your snoring has significantly subsided allowing your partner to sleep better as well!

High-density foam used in making of this pillow will provide comfort and support and since it has hypoallergenic properties you will not have to worry about it triggering your allergies.

The microfiber cover is washable and you can even order additional hypoallergenic covers from MedSlant so you have a spare. The superb stitch work on the cover ensures that it holds shape wash after wash and is resistant to stains and wear and tear.​

Advantages of the Acid Reflux Memory Foam Wedge Pillow from MedSlant

  • Comfortable Slope – the slope of MedSlant’s pillow is comfortable and gradual so it allows your back to rest on it fully supported. The height and width of the pillow allow you to switch positions without compromising comfort and sliding down.Recommended by Doctors – this pillow is recommended by Doctor Mike Roizen as a number one wedge pillow on the market. If you suffer from GERD or you are a loud snorer that keeps his family up at night this pillow will ease your symptoms, help you stay healthy and have a good night’s sleep!
  • Durable – this pillow is a high-quality product and you can rely on it to hold shape for a long time. The firmness and support of the pillow will keep for 5 to 7 years and that makes this purchase a sound investment.
  • Odor Resistant – even though the foam smell will dissipate after a while memory foam pillows still tend to trap odors. IsoFresh memory foam technology used in the manufacturing of this pillow will ensure that it stays clean and fresh for many years.

Not everyone finds this pillow to their liking, however. If you are short you might find it uncomfortable since the long, gradual slope elevates your lower back and hips. Also, you might want to double check the return policy because the return shipment is not included with this purchase so if you decide that this pillow does not suit your needs returning it might cost you additional money.

Bottom Line​

If you are a fussy sleeper that suffers from GERD Acid Reflux Memory Foam Wedge Pillow from MedSlant is a solution to all your problems. It might not be the cheapest solution out there but it will benefit your health significantly and you will end up concluding that it was, in fact, a bargain considering how better you will sleep! The shape and durability of this pillow made it the number on memory foam pillow on the market today!​

Travel Memory Foam Pillow

Travel Memory Foam Pillow

These are C-shaped pillows that are basically lifesavers on the road and are essential whenever you are planning a road trip. Travel pillows made of memory foam offer support and comfort and enable you to catch some sleep on the road without your head swaying left and right (that, in and of itself, can result in an injury!). If you are going on a vacation, visiting family or simply getting in your car for a weekend getaway make sure you pack travel pillows for all!

J Pillow Review​

​Spending 8 hours in an airplane is torture enough but when you consider the fact that you usually can't get any sleep because your head is constantly bobbing around, traveling becomes a nightmare. J Pillow takes care of that with its unique design that helps your head stay in place!

Features of the J Pillow

What we are looking for in a travel pillow are malleability and good support. J Pillow offers both! J Pillow has a unique design that has revolutionized the way we think of travel pillows. The shape of the pillow offers comfortable head rest and minimizes head movement during long flights and drives and allows you to catch shut-eye without the constant neck jerks that keep you awake. Other than a minimizing movement of the head, J Pillow also helps to keep your head in an upright, natural position.

Also, this memory foam pillow has a soft cover that will cuddle your face and make sleep more enjoyable. This also makes it perfect for home use after a long day’s work. Prop your head with J Pillow while watching TV from your couch and enjoy the soft caresses of the cover while preventing neck injuries.

Advantages of the J Pillow

  • Unique Design – unique design of J Pillow allows you to use it versatile travel situations and helps you get much-needed rest for the busy day ahead of you. Just prop the J Pillow on your shoulder and lean your head comfortably on it. It will help both you and the person sitting next to you on the plane since your sleepy head won’t keep ending up on their shoulder!
  • Size – J Pillow is relatively small in size and you can easily fit it into your backpack or a carry-on bag so you always have it handy. If that is not an option the pillow has a clipper and can be easily clipped onto your luggage or belt.
  • Orthopedic aid – Due to its shape and excellent support that it provides, J Pillow is a great way to not only be comfortable but also to protect your neck while travelling. Enjoy the excellent support while resting your chin against a comfortable surface that will help keep your neck and head in a natural position.

Not all users are delighted with J Pillow however. Some of the reviews said that they experienced trouble getting to pillow to stay in place. Fussy sleepers also have trouble using J Pillow since vigorous movement or turning of the head can displace the pillow that you then have to re-adjust. Also, with the price of around 30$ it is probably not the cheapest solution on the market.

Bottom Line​

J Pillow is an excellent choice for travelers that spend a lot of time flying or on the road in general. It will help rest during flights and will do wonders for your neck. No more neck pains, back pains or general exhaustion the day after. While it is a bit pricier than the alternatives out there on the market we feel that the price is more than reasonable for the comfort and value you get when purchasing this pillow!​

Neck Roll Memory Foam Pillow

Neck Roll Memory Foam Pillow

Neckroll memory foam pillows are particularly geared towards people who suffer severe neck pains. They are made of malleable foam that adjusts itself to your contours allowing pressure release for your neck. These are also great to have with you if you are doing any outdoorsy activities such as, hiking, climbing, backpacking, or camping since they can be easily packed and are light. Also, if you haven’t thought about packing a travel pillow on your next road trip, neck roll pillow will serve as an excellent substitute.

Dreamsweet Memory Foam Medium Bolster Roll Round Pillow Review​

These pillows are little, versatile life savers and Dreamsweet’s roll pillow is one of the best on the market. You can use it as a neck/head pillow and it will provide you with sufficient support and help ease the pressure if you suffer from neck pains. Also, it has tons of other uses! Use it as a cushion, as support for your lower back if it feels sore or to elevate your feet after a hard day’s work!​

Features of the Dreamsweet Memory Foam Medium Bolster Roll Round Pillow

This memory foam roll pillow is made of high-density foam so it is durable and provides plenty of support during sleep. It is a great way to make sure you maintain proper spine alignment during the night and will work wonders for you if you are experiencing back and neck pains.

Measuring around 16 x 6 x 6 inches, this pillow weighs only one pound and the cover is velour! Also, the cover is removable and washable and has a neatly hidden zipper that is concealed and does not show.

Advantages the of Dreamsweet Memory Foam Medium Bolster Roll Round Pillow

  • Versatility – this pillow has a great many uses! Use it as a neck or lower back support, in the bed or on the sofa or even as a chair cushion. You will discover numerous uses for it yourself as well, be that as an arm rest or to prop yourself up when you are reading in your comfy chair are anything else you can think of!
  • Size – this memory foam pillow is relatively small and since it is made of memory foam it compress nicely as well. This makes it ideal for travel, camping or outdoor use as it will fit into your bag or a backpack without a problem!
  • Washable Cover – it is quite important that your roll pillows have washable covers since they are used even outside of the bedroom and can end up on dirty floors. This fitted cover can be machine washed and has a well-hidden zipper that will not chafe you during sleep.
  • Orthopedic – your sore neck and back will be grateful to you for this purchase! Neckroll pillow helps you align your spine correctly and relieves pressure in the neck. Also, side sleepers can use to help align their lower back by placing it between their legs for additional support.

Dreamsweet’s memory roll pillow is not a right fit for everyone, though. Some users do not like the firmness of the pillow saying it does not feel comfortable. Others, on the other hand, say that it is too soft and does not retain shape well so this is quite relative since it depends on how you intend to use it. Some buyers find the pillow too small to provide good support during sleep.

Bottom Line​

Neckroll pillow is as versatile as the come! This particular pillow from Dreamsweet is affordable, durable and will provide you with years of comfort and support. It is definitely a worthy purchase that will, provided you take care of it well, give you years of good service and good night nights of sleep!

Memory Foam Pillows for Stomach Sleepers

Memory Foam Pillows for Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleepers have a lot of trouble choosing a pillow that is suitable for their sleeping position. The issue here is usually the thickness of the pillow. You want a pillow that is relatively thin so that your head rests naturally but still provides comfort and support required for a good night’s sleep. The best pillow for you would be a memory foam pillow that is not very thick and is low to medium density so it easily adapts to your sleeping position.

Sleep Innovations Memory Foam Classic Pillow​ Review

If you are a stomach sleeper than the chances are that you are always on the lookout for that perfect pillow that will suit your particular sleeping habit to a T. Choosing a good supportive pillow for stomach sleepers is always challenging since you require the pillow not only to provide sufficient support but to also be thin enough to allow you to position your head correctly without hurting your neck.

Features of the Sleep Innovations Memory Foam Classic Pillow​

This pillow comes in three sizes, standard, queen and king. Most stomach sleepers prefer the standard size since the thinness of the pillow allows your head to rest comfortably. Even though it has a lower profile, this medium density pillow provides sufficient support for the neck and molds perfectly to your contours.

SureTemp memory foam technology, a process that was used in manufacturing this product, ensures that the memory foam cells are strengthened and as such allow for better air circulation through the pillow which in turn reduces heat retention. This is great for sleepers that sweat during the night and have problems with traditional memory foam pillows.

The cover is removable and you can wash it in the machine. It is made of cotton but you can definitely change it as most normal covers will fit well with this pillow.​

Advantages of the Sleep Innovations Memory Foam Classic Pillow

  • Variety in Size – you can have your pick of size with this pillow. Standard, king or queen size, you can rest assured that with this pillow you will have a good night’s sleep and awake fully rested in the morning.
  • Low Profile – low profile is what you look for in a pillow if you are a stomach or a side sleeper. This makes for a comfortable head rest in your peculiar sleep position and allows you to adjust it as you see fit. Even if you toss and turn during the night the pillow will remain in place and comfortable.
  • Heat Regulation – SureTemp process that is used in the manufacture of this pillow allows sufficient air flow that allows the pillow to cool and not retain heat. If you sweat a lot during the night this pillow will help keep your head cool and dry instead of wet and hot (which can happen with foam pillows since the tend to heat up).
  • Hypoallergenic – this pillow is hypoallergenic and mite resistant and will help you avoid allergy attacks during the night and allow you to rest uninterrupted.
  • Warranty – since it comes with a 5-year warranty, you can rest assured that this is a high-quality product. In case, your pillow goes flat or deforms in some other way soon after purchase make sure to contact the manufacturer and arrange a replacement that will arrive free of charges (provided you cared for your pillow correctly and followed the instructions).

This pillow is by all means not perfect for everyone. Some reviewers say that the overall feel of the pillow is that it is too hard and too heavy. Also, for some, it did not offer enough support and it felt flat. Usually, the people who have objections to this pillow are not stomach sleepers. Stomach sleepers are super satisfied with the thinness and comfort of the pillow and side sleepers are partial to it as well!

Bottom Line​

If you sleep on your stomach or even on your side, this is a perfect pillow for you! It offers good support and allows you to comfortably rest your neck and head. Even though some users find this pillow a bit too firm, stomach sleepers will enjoy it immensely!​

What to Look for in a Good Memory Foam Pillow?

​Now that we have seen the features of memory foam pillows and the varieties we have to choose from it is time to single out a few key points that you need to pay attention to when buying one. Since they are relatively pricey making a mistake when choosing a memory foam pillow might cost you more money than you intended to spend!

  • Density – memory foam pillows come in all shapes, sizes and, more importantly, densities! Low-density pillows are malleable and adapt well to your body shape but they also offer less support. High-density pillows, on the other hand, are more supportive but might take some getting used to since they will offer resistance initially. The key considerations here are your needs. If you sleep well and are in it for the comfort choose a low to medium density pillow. If you have trouble sleeping due to neck or back pains then choose a high-density pillow (your pain will soon vanish and you will never regret it).
  • Durability – memory foam pillows can be pricey so always pick a pillow that is from a reputable manufacturer and has a certificate of excellence. Memory foam pillows are quite resilient and you should be able to use them for up to 5 years with little to no noticeable wear or tear.
  • Anatomical support – if you have back and neck pains you will have to find a right pillow to help you alleviate that problem. Keep in mind that various sizes, shapes and densities of pillows help with different issues so, depending on the source of your pain, choose a memory foam pillow that will benefit you the most. You can even check with your therapist or a doctor to find out what you should be looking for when choosing a pillow.
  • Warranty – since memory foam pillows are built to last always make sure that your pillow has a warranty. A 3-year warranty is good but a 5-year warranty is even better. Most reputable manufacturers offer their pillows with a 5-year guarantee. That is a good sign of a high-quality product.
  • Allergy-free – Since the material that is used to make memory foam pillows is not natural in origin you will want to make sure that only high-quality materials and process were used by the manufacturer. Most of these pillows are hypoallergenic and will help you sleep better without having to worry about mites and such. If you suffer from allergies memory foam pillows will make your life easier, just me sure to pick one that has your name on it!